Indian Point Power Station / Buchanan, NY


Project Description: 
MADERO provided Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services  to  the $30 million
“Emergency Siren Alert and Notification System” Upgrade Project.
The new state of the art system included but not limited to a complete replacement of computers, related
software, and  installation of 172 sirens and  related components. These sirens were  located within a 10-
mile Emergency Planning Zone  (EPZ)  that  included  the  following  counties  in  the  state  of New York:
Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange. The  federal government set  the 10-mile  radius as  the area
that required emergency plans for protecting health and safety of the public in radiological emergencies.
Services Provided:
Responsibilities included but were not limited to:
MADERO’s scope of work included Installation and Relocation of Emergency Alert Siren Systems, Site
& Installation Permitting, Negotiations and Interfacing with Contractors / Utilities / Municipalities, and
all  levels  of Government Offices;  acted  as  the Entergy Representative  in  Public Meetings; Proposals
Preparation;  Conceptual  and  Feasibility  Evaluations;  Project  Controls  (Planning,  Cost  Estimating,
Scheduling); Supervision; and Contract Administration. 
The  execution  of  MADERO’s  responsibilities  were  extremely  challenging  due  to  the  aggressive
milestones, tremendous amount of work in a relatively very short period of time, bureaucratic and public
constraints, emergent design / build and technological challenges, and extensive permitting requirements
as imposed by the applicable government agencies or private owners that owned or lived nearby the real
estate where the Emergency Alert Siren system was to be installed. MADERO interfaced and provided
daily project reports to IPEC’s top executive officer, the Site Vice President.
MADERO was highly successful in completing the Siren Installation and Relocation activities ahead of
schedule and  in a quality manner. The early completion was critical  to  the success of  the project as  it
allowed barely enough time for trouble shooting, testing and final commissioning of the new Emergency
Alert  Siren  System  to  comply  with  NRC’s  imposed  operational  due  date  of  August  15th
,  2008.  On
August 27th
, 2008,  the new system was successfully approved for operation by  the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA).


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