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The Epoxy Ultra® (includes Product and Application Turnkey Services) for the Structural Rehabilitation and Repair of Corroded, Leaking and Degraded Infrastructures, as well as Life Extension of New Construction Infrastructures.

The Epoxy Ultra® is currently offered in North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe and Australia. MADERO, and its subsidiaries in Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil are the exclusive representatives of Epoxy Ultra+ in Latin America. The Epoxy Ultra+ serves the following industries (but not limited to): Oil and Natural Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Municipalities (e.g. Potable Water, Storm Drains and Sewers), Public Works, Mining, Agriculture, Transportation, Marine including Ships, Food Packaging Industry, Etc.

The Epoxy Ultra® has been successfully applied for over 30 years in the rehabilitation, repair and improvements of Systems, Components and Structures such as (but not limited to) all types of Pipes, Tanks, Reservoirs, Pumping Stations, Aqueducts, Buildings, Industrial Plants, Refineries, Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Deep Wells and Shafts, Ships and Marine Structures, etc. This long term longevity is because Epoxy Ultra® has exceeded its design life requirements, operation and maintenance expectations.

Epoxy Ultra® is considered by an infinite number of organizations around the world as the most advanced state of the art technology in the rehabilitation and improvements of infrastructures, and the best for its exceptional structural capacity, reliability, cost effectiveness, with a successful and unrivaled long term operational experience, extremely durable, and relatively easy and quick to apply.

With more than 100,000 structures, systems and components treated, the Epoxy Ultra® has passed the test of time, and rigorous qualification tests by the U.S. Government, prestigious Universities, Third-Party Laboratories, and other Local Governments / Private Organizations.

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