Alvaro Tinajero and La Nueva Prosperina Power Plant Expansion Projects
Electrica de Guayaquil and the Ecuadorean Goverment

Project Description: The project consisted of selecting  the best available  technology  for  the design
and implementation of a cost-effective solution to Ecuador’s chronic and emergent short-term power
needs.  The  proposed  power  plant  project  included  consideration  of  General  Electric’s  turbine-
generator technology such as TM-2500, LM-2500+G4, LM-6000 PC, and the LMS-100, as well as the
selection of the balance-of-plant and site structures, systems and components.

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Services Provided: Provided Management  and Engineering Consulting  services  to  a  consortium of
entities  whose  principal  members  included  the  Director  of  the  local  electric  utility  Eléctrica  de
Guayaquil,  the Energy Minister of  the Republic of Ecuador, and  the Director of Centro Nacional de
Control de Energía (CENACE) of Ecuador. 
Specifically,  two projects were considered  in our scope of work. The  first one was  the expansion of
the operating Alvaro Tinajero Power Plant, and the second one was the evaluation of building a brand
new power plant by the name of La Nueva Prosperina.
MADERO Engineers & Architects was the leading EPC organization with Mr. F. Madero, PE, PMP,
CPC, acting as  the Project Director. Project  team members  included  two  renowned U.S. companies:
General Electric Power Systems and Sargent & Lundy Engineers.

Some of these responsibilities included but were not limited to:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Plan of Action and Work
    Breakdown Structure

  • Best Site Selection Determination

  • Determination of Off-Site Utility, Fuel & Gas
    System Design & Operational Requirements,
    and Conceptual Designs

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Determination  of  Required  Logistical
    Support  for  Rapid  Equipment  Delivery  and
    Deployment  to  Power  Plant  Site  when  the
    national  emergency  crisis  was  officially
    declared by government in November 2008

  • Recommendation of Best Technology and
    Alternatives for Energy Crisis at hand

  • Generation of Conceptual General Drawing
    Arrangements and Schematics

  • Bill of Material Preparation

  • Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates

  • Tasks Management & Coordination

  • Presentations to Electrica de Guayaquil and
    Government Officials

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