Indian Point Power Station / Buchanan, NY Entergy Nuclear Northeast

Project Description: In the year 2005, a moistIndian_Point_2 hairline crack was discovered on an outside wall of the unit 2 Spent Fuel Pool (SFP). Initial analysis of the moisture showed the presence of tritium and other radio nuclides characteristic of the SFP water. A comprehensive examination of site wide historical records of contamination was initiated in order to assess the full magnitude of the site’s contamination problem. Besides the unit 2 SFP, it was discovered that the decommissioned unit 1 reactor was another source of contamination on site. These types of activities evolved into a $30 million dollar program to investigate the sources of the various types of leakage (e.g. Tritium, Strontium and Cesium), characterization of the radioactive contents. This was a high intensity project as shown by the close scrutiny by many stake holders including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, state and local government officials, and the public.



Services Provided: MADERO provided Management and Engineering Consulting services to the Groundwater Investigation and Remediation Project. The site specific commitments envelop guidance as indicated by NRC’s Information Notice IN 2004-5, “Spent Fuel Pool Leakage To Onsite Groundwater”, and NRC’s IE Bulletin 80-10, “Contamination of Non-Radioactive System and Resulting Potential For Un-Monitored, Un-Controlled Release Of Radioactivity To Environment”. We provide Management and Engineering Consulting for the following but not all inclusive list of our project tasks:

  • Underwater Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE’s) of the SFP and Transfer Canal via Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s)
  • Inspection, testing and cleaning of the site’s Storm Drain System to verify / validate potential contamination sources and paths.
  • Development of Long and Short Term Plans of Actions to perform SFP and Transfer Canal Degradation Assessments, Leak Inspections, Decontamination, NDE, Root Cause Analysis, Engineering Evaluations and Calculations, Modifications, Procurement, assemble complete project team including contractors, budget estimate, planning, coordination, scheduling, supervision, contract administration.
  • Formulated temporary modification to record underwater temperature histogram (via state of the art data loggers) in Transfer Canal during refueling outage. Suspected high water temperatures in the Transfer Canal, due to fuel assemblies movement during reactor core unloading and loading, and lack of adequate cooling, are considered contributing mechanism to the stainless steel liner degradation
  • Forensic Engineering including implementation of Kepner-Tregoe Problem Analysis in order to identify structures, systems, and components which may serve as a potential source of tritium, strontium, cesium, or any other radioactive effluent.
  • Generated Engineering Calculations and Reports to check for the structural, mechanical, and functional integrity of the SFP and Transfer Canal’s Stainless Steel Liner, Reconciliations, Generation of Repair Modification Packages.


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