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A MADERO recentemente conquistou a prestigiosaCertificação ISNetworld com uma perfeita Classe A!


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A MADERO apenas emitiu para NACE International o Relatório Técnico (RT), intitulado "Problemas de Corrosão e Tecnologias de Renovação em Sistemas de Águas Residuais". 

Dear Members of Task Group (TG) 466:
NACE Publication 08113, “Corrosion Problems and Renewal Technologies in Municipal Wastewater Systems,” has been published by NACE International under the auspices of STG 08.
On behalf of the NACE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC), I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project.  The high-quality document produced by your volunteer efforts is a credit to NACE’s technical committee activities.  Also, I would be happy to send a letter of thanks to your management for supporting this activity.  Please notify Ann Miller at with your supervisor’s name and address (or e-mail) if you would like such a letter sent.
A copy of the report may be downloaded for free by NACE members (after login) at
Once again, we truly appreciate your continued support of the NACE technical committees, and look forward to your continued involvement in the NACE document development process.
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Tom Weber
TCC Chair
Eric Dupre, TG 466 Chair
Frank Madero, TG 466 Vice Chair
cc:     Raul Rebak, RPC Chair
Mohsen Achour, S Technology Coordinator
George Winning, STG 08 Chair
TG 466 Members:
Alec Angus
Jason Iken
Jeff Maier
Ramon Pelaez
James Sepowski
Linda Goldberg | Director, Technical Activities
NACE International | The Worldwide Corrosion Authority
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